Sancocho e’ Tigres: Lujo De Pobre: Single, Samples, & Loops

First single, vocal and dub, is out today exclusive on Juno in both dub and vocal version by the Pobretons on Subatomic Sound label + a stack of cumbia loops/samples! Sancocho e’ Tigres is a new digital cumbia project featuring digital cumbia maestros Bleepolar, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Daniel Klauser, Caballo, The Pobretons,  and Gux Swadharma. Exclusive at Juno: single, samples, & acapella + a free download Full album of songs drops 7/19/11

Electro cumbia dub from a collective of the finest cumbia producers across south and central america going by the name Sancocho e’ Tigres (a dish from Colombia that translates to “Tiger Soup”). Breaking new ground in releasing music, they are putting out the songs as well as the samples used to make the music, so people can use them to make their own original cumbia tracks.

ALSO, CHECK THE FULL LENGTH ALBUM (MORE PROMO DOWNLOADS): Sancocho e’ Tigres – Lujo De Pobre (album) by SubatomicSound

1) Lujo de Pobre (The Pobretons cumbiaton remix)
2) Lujo de Pobre(The Pobretons cumbia dub remix)
3) Lujo de Pobre loop – accordion 120 bpm
4) Lujo de Pobre loop – base rebajada wiro 120 bpm
5) Lujo de Pobre loop – bass ‘n drum 120 bpm
6) Lujo de Pobre loop – Bleep percussion 120 bpm
7) Lujo de Pobre loop – garabato percussion 120 bpm
8) Lujo de Pobre loop – loop chingon 120 bpm
9) Lujo de Pobre loop – cumbia India 120 bpm
10) Lujo de Pobre loop – acapella 120 bpm

Label: Subatomic Sound
Cat #: SS020
UPC: 639061002120