Subatomic Sound System: On All Frequencies Instrumentals

Subatomic Sound System: On All Frequencies Instrumentals. The beats from the album, all instrumental with a little bit of dubwise flavor. Lay back and blaze to this: hip hop, dancehall, dub, broken beat, afrobeat, and electronic vibes.

Available on Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Spotify, and many more.

Also as a standalone one hour mixtape by Subatomic Sound System’s Emch — if you want smooth blends.

“Subatomic Sound System’s unorthodox mashup of styles connects the dots between dub reggae, dancehall, hip hop, drum & bass, downtempo and broken beat [BPM Vital Releases]… Tracing the roots of bass heavy dub with a funk-styled edge of underground hip-hop, SSS bridges dancehall energy and multi-cultural communication. Solid beats, meaningful messages and remix trickery.”
– BPM Magazine

“While they may ply their trade in an assortment of reggae, hip-hop, broken beat, and jungle tracks, each is approached with a maverick, dub-wise sensibility that shouts a clear music-first missive to the masses. The band delivers as advertised, hitting you thoroughly on all frequencies.”
– XLR8R Magazine

“It gives me the same feeling I get listening to early Massive Attack work, not because of the sound directly, but because of the artistic energy & flavor everyone brings into the project. Great work!”

“***** Wickedness! Now here’s an album I want to have on vinyl. A true collector for selectors! …[Subatomic Sound System is] one of the most important bands contributing to the expansion of modern dub”
-Chronic Sonata/