Lee Scratch Perry Memorial Shows with Subatomic Sound System + Screechy Dan

Subatomic Sound System & Screechy Dan

New York City’s Subatomic Sound System, will perform with Brookyn based Jamaican singer Screechy Dan on the mic (a legend in his own right), playing music from their acclaimed album with Scratch titled “Super Ape Returns To Conquer” a reimaging of Scratch’s 1976 classic “Super Ape”. Subatomic will also revisit other music from across Scratch’s career featuring the likes of Bob Marley, Max Romeo, and more. The performance will draw on the shows they have been doing around the world with Scratch for the past decade. The night will include a special ceremony and video presentation as well. 

While Scratch became famous in the 1970s for his pioneering work in reggae and the invention of the genre of dub, his creativity continued in across many genres of music throughout his life with a long list of collaborators across generations, famous like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, The Clash, The Beastie Boys, and in some cases unknown. Scratch’s work with Subatomic Sound System saw him bridge the gap to a younger generation more geared towards bass music, beginning in 2007 when Subatomic did dubstep remixes of Scratch’s songs with Viennese band Dubblestandart.

With Subatomic, Scratch found a way to finally bring his classic dub sound to the stage while maintaining the improvisation of a live band. Subatomic performs with a hybrid of electronics and live instruments including one of Scratch’s original drummers, the Jamaican conga maestro Larry McDonald from Jamaica.  The positive response to this new live show led to Scratch & Subatomic performing at festivals like Coachella in 2013 and a wide variety of electronic music festivals on top of his usual reggae gigs. In the last several years, Scratch & Subatomic struck a delicate balance between the traditional sound of his classic 1970s Black Ark production alternating with subtle additions of electronic elements and deeper bass sounds.  

The memorial performances are being organized in cities and in some cases the specific venues and parties where Scratch performed with Subatomic routinely for these dedicated audiences over the past ten years.

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