Elephant Man : Vampires & Informers (EP)

Elephant Man Vampires & Informers

BACK FOR BLOOD! 12 tracks with Elephant Man for the first time reaching from dubstep to roots dub to dirty bass dancehall to techno dub and beyond. Digital re-up release & ltd edition 12″ out now!!

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“Another heavyweight release in a relentless schedule from Subatomic Sound!” – Generation Bass
“Breaking serious ground in Jamaican music.” – MTV
“Jamaican dancehall superstar examines the underworld on his latest” – AOL

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Vampires & Informers is back for more blood, remastered with new versions and a megamix. Subatomic Sound (NYC) teams up with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) for the first in a series of releases bringing together top Jamaican artists with top electronic producers worldwide. Kicking off with an extra loud bang, is the “Vampires & Informers” release, a rare look at Elephant Man, one of the world’s top dancehall artists, vocally delivering a ferocious portrait of Jamaica’s “vampire” politicians, “bloodsucking” informers, and the “military society” of the ghetto youths.

Originally a top selling limited edition 7″ vinyl recorded with Sly & Robbie back at Kingston’s Black Scorpio studios, here is “Vampires & Informers” resurrected and completely re-imagined with producers Subatomic Sound System, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Liondub, Ming (of Ming&FS), David Last, Taal Mala & Kush Arora just in time for today’s vampire-loving, blood-thirsting, electronic-obsessed youths to lose their minds at raves, political protests, revolutionary activities, block parties and dancehalls around the globe.

Appropriately nicknamed “The Energy God”, Elephant Man delivers his signature hyper-charged style over completely unexpected riddims that deftly pair the dancehall king with sounds like bass blasting dubstep, dirty barefoot dancehall, future roots reggae, and even dub.

The cover art by artist Angelo Gastelum plays tongue in cheek on the hyper-real blood splatter of Japanese horror films and the latest first person shooter video games, a reverent update to the comic book, scary movie style used on classic dub reggae albums by the likes of Scientist.

1: Subatomic Sound System’s Bloodstep mix
2: Dubblestandart’s Transylvania Roots mix
3: Stereotyp’s Bloody Barefoot mix
4: Liondub & Tester’s BK Jungle mix
5: David Last’s Techno Blood mix
6: Ming’s Undead Dreamer mix
7: Kush Arora’s Crypt mix
8: Taal Mala’s Lighta mix
9: Dubblestandart’s Transylvania dub
10: Subatomic Sound System’s Bloodsuckers dub
11: Kush Arora’s Crypt dub
12: David Last’s Techno Blood dub
13: Emch’s Soundboy Burial megamix

Released by: Subatomic Sound
Release/catalogue number: SS019
Release date: Apr 5, 2011