Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry ‘Chrome Optimism’ (12″ vinyl)

Dubblestandart Lee Scratch Perry and David Lynch Chrome Optimism

“I got into sort of… cosmic explosions. Euphoric, chrome optimism.” – David Lynch
“Hello, Hell is very low, and Heaven is very, very high” – Lee Scratch Perry

SUBATOMIC SOUND presents “CHROME OPTIMISM” 12″ vinyl (SS012)


In 2008, NYC based Subatomic Sound teamed up with Vienna’s dub masters Dubblestandart to begin a series of limited edition 12” vinyl exclusives that brought together iconic originators in the history of dub reggae with the gritty underground vibes of the dubstep movement.The lead 12”, “Iron Devil”, included the first ever dubstep tracks from both Lee Scratch Perry and Prince Far-I, produced in collaboration with Dubblestandart and remixed by Subatomic Sound System and Paris’ Tom Watson.Released on hand stamped vinyl in vintage Jamaican jackets, “Iron Devil” disappeared from shelves worldwide in less than a week.In 2009, the follow up vinyl was dedicated to an explosive pairing of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry with rising Brooklyn dancehall reggae star Jahdan Blakkamoore that revisited Perry’s ‘70s classic “Blackboard Jungle” off the seminal album of the same name, a cornerstone of dub reggae that featured Scratch and King Tubby at the controls.A shot heard round the world, this collaboration culminated that July with a capacity concert in NYC’s Central Park with Lee Perry, Dubblestandart, Subatomic Sound System, & Jahdan Blakkamoore.

The third 12” in the series is entitled “Chrome Optimism” and on this release Dubblestandart brings together the most unbelievable combination yet, a world class summit of mad genius: Jamaican dub originator Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry together with iconic American filmmaker David Lynch, plus as an added bonus, famed French avant garde composer Jean-Michel Jarre. On “Chrome Optimism”, Scratch exercises his inimitable gift to juxtapose spirituality with humor through wordplay that walks a line between nonsense and profundity: “Hello, Hell is very low and Heaven is very, very high!”David Lynch responds with equally mind twisting metaphors like “Euphoric, chrome optimism” and mantras like “The ideas tell you how they want to be”, describing his powerful experience and obsession with transcendental meditation.The otherworldy melody from Jean-Michel Jarre’s famous composition “Oxygen Part 4” floats over the top. Vienna’s Dubblestandart, NYC’s Subatomic Sound System, & Bristol’s RSD switch up the musical vibes beneath, moving from hard charging dubstep to Perry’s classic dub reggae to spacey soundscapes typical of Lynch & Jarre aesthetics.

The “Chrome Optimism” vinyl EP features two remixes from Subatomic Sound System, kicking off the A side with the first, a bombastic distorted sub-bass heavy beast that threatens to define a new genre somewhere between dubstep, dub reggae, and the twisted ambience of David Lynch’s film scores. Dubblestandart counters with a deep and minimal downtempo dub version of “Chrome Optimism” that balances on a line between a wide open David Lynch film soundtrack, the wild sound experimentalism of Perry, and Jarre’s out of body ambient melodies.
The B side of “Chrome Optimism” kicks back in full force with originator of the Bristol, UK dubstep scene, producer RSD (also known as Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty) delivering a hard hitting remix of the Perry & Dubblestandart track “I Do Voodoo”, a guaranteed sureshot to satisfy the UK dubstep crowd.Following RSD is a second Subatomic Sound System remix that brings it back to Perry’s Superape era for a rootical dubstep relick of his tune with Dubblestandart entitled “Deadly Funny” (originally also on the “Chrome Optimism” riddim), but this time revisting his classic 70s style, adding not only the ghost of Augustus Pablo on melodica, but also drums and bass big and bad enough knock out a dubstep club crowd.

Released by: Subatomic Sound
Release/catalogue number: SS012
Release date: Jun 1, 2010