Sancocho e’ Tigres: Lujo De Pobre

Sancocho E' Tigres Lujo De Pobre

Sancocho e’ Tigres was organized by Rebel Records’ Caballo and recorded throughout Mexico, South America, & Canada as collaboration between Latino digital cumbia producers and musicians, DJ Javier Estrada, Bleepolar, Gux Swadharma, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, and Den5hion. Each one composed an element for song at a specific tempo and then assembled their own version of the song out of those elements.


An album of electro cumbia spiced with licks of vallenato vibes, dubwise effects, balkan horns, dubstep bass, and reggaeton beats from a collective of the finest cumbia producers across south and central america put together by Caballo (Rebel Records) going by the name Sancocho e’ Tigres (a dish from Colombia that translates to “Tiger Soup”). Breaking new ground in releasing music, they are putting out the songs as well as the samples used to make the music, so people can use them to make their own original cumbia tracks.

Sancocho e’ Tigres collective unites red hot producers Javier Estrada, Daniel Klauser, The Binary Cumbia Orchestra, Rustico & Freak Castro AKA THE POBRETONS, den5hion, bleepolar, the amazing Gux Swadharma, and Caballo — the mastermind behind the project. These are some of the same producers who were behind the first cumbia sample pack, the 100MB+ Cumbia Bass Beats given out free on the web earlier this year:

1: Guarapero Soy
2: Lujo de Pobre (Cumbia-Organic Version)
3: Zena y Da
4: Lujo de Pobre (Javier Estrada rmx)
5: Lujo de Pobre (The Pobretons Vocal rmx)
6: Lujo de Pobre (Bleepolar rmx)
7: Lujo de Pobre ( Gux Swadharma edit)
8: Lujo de Pobre (Daniel Klauser edit)
9: Lujo de Pobre (Den5hion Rmx)
10: Lujo de Pobre (The Binary Cumbia Orchestra)
11: Lujo de Pobre (The Pobretons Dub rmx)

Label: Subatomic Sound
Cat #: SS021
UPC: 639061002120

Lujo de Pobre

General release on iTunes, Beatport, etc: 08/02/11

UPC: 639061002229