Sting & Shaggy “Morning is Coming” Subatomic Sound System official dub remix

Sting & Shaggy "Morning is Coming" dub remix

Subatomic Sound System was asked to remix the single from Sting & Shaggy‘s new album.  Love it up…

U can find this #dub of that #remix on our⚡️ A vocal and dub mix was done as a radio promo with Sting & Shaggy’s vocals over all new music done by Emch in a classic Jamaican style plus some heavy NYC bass ⚡️ “Needless to say these guys have incredible voices & I have a lot of respect for how they have both pushed the artistic envelope of mainstream music, starting with the #punkyreggae of #ThePolice up through #Shaggy’s crossover success with legit dancehall. Respect to #Sting shining a light on #reggae and #Jamaica while so many popular artist use it without ever tipping their hat. Also appreciate they were interested in #dub and #soundsystem and the #roots. Subatomic Sound System will be in the UK June 8 headlining Positive Vibration Festival. Sting, holla at us, ya heard?!” Their new #44876 album drops on 4/20.

If you haven’t already tuned in to the Lee Scratch Perry + Subatomic Sound System “Super Ape Returns to Conquer” album, do that for more classic dub vibes.