2012-6-29 Trojan Sound System (UK) debut in NYC w/ Subatomic Sound System & more @DromNYC

Super DISCOUNT admission when you RSVP here! NYC debut of London’s Trojan Sound System!

Check this exclusive mix and interview at Time Out New York to promote the debut of Trojan Sound System lead selector Earl Gateshead, this Friday in New York City at Drom.

And check out this exclusive playlist prepared for Large Up: Toppa Top 10: Ten Reggae Tunes That Influenced Punk Rock (Selected by Earl Gateshead) Great stories here showing the connection between reggae and the birth of punk! Love how Sex Pistol’a Johny Rotten said that the whole ethos of the Pistols was encapsulated in this one song’s lyric: “If you feel that you have no reason for living, don’t determine my life.”

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